Classes of 1958 - 1960

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Claire Clay ’18
Alumni relations manager



Attending May Day?

Ron ’60 and Alice Lora     Yes
Rosella (Walton ’59) Bear    Yes
Marilyn Shiffer-Kline ’58    Yes
J. O. and Elizabeth Augspurger ’59    Yes
Lois Rice ’59    Yes
Marjorie (Lyons ’60) Copas    Yes
LaVera Hill ’59    Yes      
Sam ’56 and Joan (Ruesser ’59) Diller    Yes
Vera (Yoder '59) Steiner   Yes      
Gene Nafziger    Yes
Donald '59 and Joyce (Detwiler x61) Hostetler
Don retired in 2008 after working 44 years as a veterinarian in Tanzania, Michigan and Findlay, Ohio. Joyce is retired from teaching. We have lived in Bluffton since 2002 and attend many university events. We have two children and three grandchildren.