Class of 1971


What have you been up to? Share a life update with your classmates by submitting an AlumNote. With your permission we will add it to this Web site and include it in the Bluffton magazine.


D. Arletta (Fagan) Culp
Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Music education major

Arletta is married to Michael K. Culp. 

Having taught choirs and vocal music for 30 years was both challenging and rewarding. Challenging in that, 13 of those years were spent in Middle School! Volunteering in two hospitals (6 years) and assisting in the needs of refugees learning how to function in America (13 years) brought onboard many more friends. She has a love for music and inspirational writing that brings her joy! Her and her husband enjoy to travel. They have seen much of God's creation!  She states that living during these stressful pandemic times has taught her much. She loves to bring joy into someone else's. Arletta states, "For at the end of the day, life is all about LOVE, given to us by our Creator. Choosing to give that same love away... is "Jesus with skin on" giving... and I believe, brings a smile to the face of God."

Arletta says that at Bluffton “I gained many friendships. And many will remain lifelong friends! I came to Bluffton a "child", and during those years on campus, I was forced to "grow up"!  Several of my teachers/profs took me under their wings, and gently but firmly, helped shape me into the person that I am today."

Arthur J. Engler 
Storrs Mansfield, Conn.
Elementary education

Arthur is married to Ronald J. Kolanowski and has three children, Joshua (age 16), Ben and Anna (age 13).

Having retired from full-time teaching at the University of Connecticut School of Nursing, Arthur still teaches two courses: Spanish for Health Care Professionals and School Nursing Clinical; and volunteers with the UConn American English Language Institute and Sigma Theta Tau International, the honor society for nursing.

Arthur says Bluffton "gave me a strong base in ethics and moral values. I really learned to appreciate volunteerism while at Bluffton."  

Nathaniel Fields   
Alexandria, Va.  
Economics and sociology major                                                                                                             
One son, Ryan Eugene Fields         

Nathaniel is now engaged in encouraging and assisting racial harmony, diversity and inclusions, social and economic justice issues in the United States. Internationally, he is working primarily in Africa and Middle East on education, youth development, community development and venture philanthropy initiatives.   

"My time at Bluffton laid the foundation and literally launched my life long commitment and career in public service, international development and social enterprise development."

Priscilla J. Friesen
Washington, D.C.  
Social work and sociology major

Married to Robert L. Felton III; stepparent of Anne and Catherine; five grandchildren from the ages 10-20.    

Priscilla continues to consult with families with a wide rang of human problems. She teaches professionals practicing in mental health and family enterprise. She is currently working to make the Murray Bowen Archives available at National Library of Medicine (originator of Bowen family systems theory). 

"My experience at Bluffton was an extension of my growing up years in Bluffton - solid values guiding my personal and professional life, encouraging independent thought, and contributing one's gifts and skills to the broader community."

Mitchell Kingsley
Bluffton, Ohio
Philosophy major

Married to Ann (Enright ’71) Kingsley; parents of Elizabeth Kingsley, Paul Kingsley and Catherine (David) Westerman Kingsley; three grandchildren.

Mitch is an attorney, volunteers with Mennonite Disaster Service and enjoys biking and woodworking.

He says, “My relationships, courses and experiences during the Bluffton years shaped pretty much everything that followed. Seeking to belong to and emulate Christ; experimenting with and learning writing; developing the skill of listening and being present; striving to build community — all these are life focii for me that can trace back to my time at Bluffton College.”

Janice (Freeman) Lower
Elementary Education major

Married to Allan who is retired from the Navy. They will be married 49 years in July. 

Janice retired after Bon Ton went bankrupt in 2018 then worked at a floral shop until COVID virus came to visit. Now she is currently taking care of 11 cats. 

Virgil Charles Mann
Lima, Ohio
English Education major

Married to Linda and have two children, Megan and Scott Mann.

Virgil is a retired teacher/administrator of Lima City Schools. He is currently a volunteer at Wheelhouse Bicycle Ministry of Lima. 

Virgil says he valued his time at Bluffton because the interaction with professors who valued him as a person, inspired him to think and care for others, made his 42 year career in education rewarding and successful. 

Craig Phillips
Lake Saint Louis, Mo.
Liberal arts major

Craig is married to Carol '71. 

He currently is retired from a career teaching children and adults who are blind and visually impaired at the Kansas State School for the Blind and training teachers of individuals who are blind and visually impaired at Missouri State University.  Received a Bachelor's in Education from The Ohio State University, a Master's in Special Education from Northern Illinois University, and completed post graduate studies in Orientation and Mobility at the University of Northern Colorado. 

Craig was only at Bluffton for his freshman year but says "I was inspired to pursue a life of service."

Marcia Mawer Simcox
Pipersville, Pa.
Music education major

Marcia is married to James R. Simcox ’70 and has five sons, Adam ’98, Ben ’99, Cole, Drew and Ethan; and 15 grandchildren.

She currently volunteers for local Food Banks, Recovery House, Transportation Women’s Ministry/Bible Studies/Stonecroft Ministries and enjoys her Grandma “duties!!”

Marcia says her time at Bluffton “broadened my understanding of global conditions and needs. It created an environment for exploring and developing my personal talents, gifts and interests. It prepared me for the ‘next steps’ of independence and personal responsibilities. And, I met my spouse!”

Nancy Brock Wallace
Celina, Ohio
Social work major

Nancy is retired 40+ years in Social Work.