Class of 1984

What have you been up to? Share a life update with your classmates by submitting an AlumNote. With your permission we will add it to this Web site and include it in the Bluffton magazine. 

Claire Clay ’18
Alumni relations manager



Attending May Day?

Jan (Mohr) Croyle
I am currently transitioning from an accountant at OrrVilla Retirement Community, Orrville, Ohio, to a time of discernment and study.  I am nearly halfway through Journey: A Missional Leadership Development Program through Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Central District Conference and IN-MI Conference.  Where will this Journey lead?

Glenn Hasek
“I was volunteered to coach my son Benjamin's soccer team this spring and will have to miss BC this time. It was fun to see my face in the group photo of Lincoln Hall residents in the last Bluffton magazine! A lot of fun memories from Lincoln. I am approaching my 13th anniversary as publisher and editor of Green Lodging News, an environment-focused publication for the hotel industry. I will be married 10 years in December and love being a dad to my 7-year-old son Benjamin--the next coming of Lionel Messi.”

Kathleen Kern
Kathleen recently completed 25 years of service with Christian Peacemaker Teams. She continues to work as social media editor for the organization. Her most recent field assignment was in Iraqi Kurdistan. An article she wrote about Turkish military bombing of Kurdish civilians appeared in The Independent, under the title, “Kurdish villagers are dying at the hands of a war the world has ignored for too long” on Dec. 16, 2018.


Lauren (Hershey) Mast
Lauren runs the main office of the Boise State University English Department, where she is the assistant to the department chair.

Tami (Rucker) Speicher
Tami will retire this June after 33 years of teaching.