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Reserve your seat at Conversation with President Wood and Cabinet Members during Homecoming week 2020. 

There are lots of questions surrounding the on-campus living and learning environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. How have Bluffton students had the opportunity for a real college experience while maintaining a safe and healthy campus community? 

Get answers to these and other questions from President Jane Wood and members of the President's Cabinet. Two conversations are planned. You are welcome to join one or both as you are able.

Monday, Oct. 19:

  • President Jane Wood
  • Phill Talavinia, vice president of student life and athletics
  • Lamar Nisly, vice president and dean of academic affairs

Tuesday, Oct. 20:

  • President Jane Wood
  • Robin Bowlus, vice president of advancement and enrollment management
  • Art Woodruff, vice president of fiscal affairs

Both sessions start at 6 p.m. Submit your questions below.


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Questions? Contact Karen Bontrager, Director of president's office and institutional planning, at bontragerk@bluffton.edu.