Philosophy of Recruiting

We want to recruit "student-athletes" who we feel will be positive additions to and representatives of our college, student body, and basketball program. We believe that successful programs are built with good people.

We want our recruits to possess the abilities to be successful in the classroom, on the basketball court, on campus, and in our community.

Various weaknesses in different areas will not necessarily disregard a person as a possible recruit. We will try to thoroughly evaluate each prospective student-athlete that we are initially interested in to see if the person is someone that we would want to seriously recruit.

Because the selection of a school is such an important decision, we strongly believe in trying to educate our recruits and their families about our college and our basketball program. We believe that honesty must be held sacred in all of our various dealings with our recruits and their families in order to create an atmosphere of trust and sincerity. Also, all regulations and standards that are established by the National Collegiate Athletic Association will be strictly followed.