Practice Philosophy

In our basketball program, we believe in the thought of "you play like you practice."

We want our team and players to play with a great deal of intensity. We want guys who compete hard! We also feel that playing with a high degree of mental toughness is important to be successful. The term mentally tough means we want our players to have the ability to think clearly and execute efficiently even when they are tired or when things are not going their way. Playing together as a team with unselfish play is another quality we expect out of our teams. Finally, being solid fundamentally is a must for proper execution on the court.

If these qualities, mixed with a great deal of enthusiasm and a true passion for the game, are present in our program day in and day out, our play on the court will be something to be proud of.

However, if we want our play on game night to exhibit the above-mentioned qualities and characteristics, we must practice each day with these qualities present!