Bluffton College Basketball


The Goals of our Basketball Program are to:

1. produce student-athletes who, after four years in our program, are ready to graduate with their degree.

2. produce student-athletes who understand the meaning of and demonstrate such qualities as commitment, hard work, discipline, dependability, honesty, and loyalty.

3. produce basketball teams that compete very intensely every night and are respected every time they take the court.

4. produce basketball teams that are mentally tough.

5. produce basketball teams that play together as a team and are very unselfish on and off the court.

6. produce basketball teams that are fundamentally sound offensively and defensively.

Junior Varsity Program Philosophy

We play a thorough J.V. schedule that we feel is an important part of our total program.

Our J.V. games are taken seriously and looked at as an important part of a player's development.

Usually, our freshmen and sophomores who have not worked themselves into the top 10 varsity rotation log their playing time in our J.V. games.

We have had a number of players who, having played the majority of their minutes as a freshman in our J.V. games, go on to play a great deal in the varsity games as sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Squad Size Philosophy

Our basic philosophy is to have between eighteen and twenty-two players in our program in a given year, give or take one or two.

The reason we have this particular range picked out is because we believe in running our program as "one team." We do not have a separate J.V. team and a separate varsity team. We have one TEAM. With the number of players being between eighteen and twenty-two, we feel that we have enough players to play a J.V. and varsity schedule, but not too many players that would stop us from having a thorough practice as one team.

It should be pointed out that at times the players who play the majority of their time in the J.V. games will be referred to as the "J.V. players". This is done to simply identify a group of players that we might want to do something (like run the opponent's offense) as a group, not to necessarily single them out as a separate team.