Philosophy of Coaching

Our philosophy of coaching is very simple. We believe in trying to develop every young man that comes through our program to his fullest potential as a total person. Through basketball, we have a great opportunity and a unique classroom in which to do this.

To us coaching begins when a young man walks into our program as a first year student-athlete, continuing from then on out. We believe that coaching is more than two hours a day of running, weight lifting, and practice. Coaching involves getting involved. Being there to teach, counsel, laugh, joke and even cry with an individual through the good times and the bad. To help a young man develop until he refuses to be coached and helped.

We believe in being strict disciplinarians, but at the same time to be loving, caring and understanding.

By participating in our basketball program during college, a young man will experience many of the situations that he will be confronted with throughout his life after college basketball. If he has been challenged in many different ways throughout his basketball career, along with being counseled and educated on a consistent basis, then we believe that he will be better prepared to handle the challenges that life presents after the college years.

The game of basketball provides us with a great venue in which to teach numerous qualities and life skills that we feel are essential for our student-athletes to obtain. The qualities that our program will strive to instill within our student-athletes are commitment, goal setting, a hard work ethic, competitiveness, discipline, dependability, honesty, and loyalty. If, after four years, our players can leave our program possessing many of these qualities, we believe they will be better prepared to be a productive, contributing, and serving member of our society.