Basketball Philosophy

 We believe in teaching the game of basketball. What we mean by the phrase "teaching the game" is that we want our players to know how to and be able to properly and quickly execute the fundamentals of the game for the betterment of the team. We want our players to understand and know team concepts of the game. It is important that our players know what our objectives are defensively and offensively and why we want to do specific things defensively and offensively. It is extremely important that our players know the specific factors that bring about winning and which factors cause losing.

Our goal is to have players in our program who can not only perform skills well, but who are also educated and well drilled on why and when to perform the skills as well as the team concepts of defense and offense, winning and losing. We want our players to be mentally, physically, and emotionally educated about the game.

Teaching these many aspects of the game of basketball takes knowledge of subject matter, practice organization, good methodology, motivation, enthusiasm, and a great commitment from the coaches. It should also be pointed out that being able to be coached, being mentally tough, being in top physical condition, competing hard and team chemistry are essential elements that must be present from the player's standpoint to help better assure that the game is learned and played the way we believe it should be played.