Academic Philosophy

Philosophy Towards the Academic Study Table

To introduce our academic study table and monitoring program here at Bluffton College, we would like to mention a couple of thoughts that we believe in very sincerely in regards to our total basketball program.

First, we believe in the concept of the student-athlete. With us, academics come first and basketball comes second.

Second, we feel that the number one goal of our players on campus while they are a member of our program is that of obtaining their college degree. However, by making it clear that academics are the top priority, we are not down-playing the commitment we expect our players to place on basketball. If a young man makes a commitment to our program, we will see to it that he is a member of a quality program that stresses academics and basketball very intensely, but academics will always come first.

Our academic study table program will consist of study table sessions held in the evenings during the fall and spring semesters. These sessions are monitored by a member of our staff with some help from our student managers-assistants and our captains. Study table sessions are mandatory for all freshmen and first year players. Once an upperclassman has a GPA of 2.75 or higher, he is excused from study table sessions.

We will meet with our players once every two-three weeks individually to check their academic status. Also, our players are required to keep an accurate and up-to-date personal academic calendar that lists dates of their upcoming assignments, quizzes, exams, etc. We will also make sure our players know when tutors are available in our various academic departments on campus. We will also keep in touch with their professors related to their academic progress.

This program is not designed to do work for our student-athletes. It is designed to teach them the importance of routine and discipline related to their academic work. Getting off to a good start academically is important in college. We have found that this program helps our players get off to a good start. We also want our players to realize very early in their careers with us that we place a great priority on academics. We are serious when we say that the number one goal of our total basketball program is to have our student-athletes ready to graduate after having been in our program for four years.