Mirror of the Martyrs

The Mirror of the Martyrs exhibitionThe Mirror of the Martyrs exhibit, based on illustrated martyr stories from the 1685 “Martyrs Mirror,” tells in fresh ways how martyrs past and present have witnessed to their faith under oppression and persecution.

The exhibit features eight of the original copper plates produced by Dutch artist Jan Luyken to illustrate the “Martyrs Mirror” and allows visitors to learn about Mennonite religious heritage and its application to people’s contemporary lives.

The award-winning exhibit was developed and produced at the Kauffman Museum in North Newton, Kan. Events surrounding the Bluffton exhibit are free and open to the public, with the exception of the fall theatre performance of "The Crucible."

sUNDAY, Oct. 1

Mirror of the Martyrs exhibit
Exhibit opening, 1-7 p.m.
displayed through Nov. 5, 2017
Grace Albrecht Gallery, Sauder Visual Arts Center

Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sat.-Sun. 1-6 p.m.

Readers Theatre
"I Have Not Forsaken the Word of God: Jacques d'Auchy's Confessional Struggle"
directed by Melissa Friesen
This performance displays key spiritual and theological dialogues recorded in the Martyrs Mirror between Anabaptist martyr Jacques d’Auchy and religious officials who interrogated him prior to his execution.
4 p.m. Ramseyer Auditorium, College Hall

sATURDAY, Oct. 7

Homecoming reception
10 a.m.-noon, Grace Albrecht Gallery, Sauder Visual Arts Center

sUNDAY, Oct. 8

What Suffering Martyrs Teach Us About Christian Mission: Lessons from the Passau Songs of the Ausbund
by Gerald J. Mast
This presentation explains how witnesses, imprisoned in the Passau castle during the mid-1530’s, conceived of Christian mission as joyful sharing together in the suffering and salvation of Jesus Christ. 
4 p.m., Kreider Room, Marbeck Center

sUNDAY, Oct. 15

Grace to You and Peace: Voices of the Martyrs
Wendy Chappel-Dick and the Anabaptist Singers
This performance presents Anabaptist martyr ballads, translated into English from the original sources, and set to contemporary tunes—from camp songs to folk music to rock and roll.
4 p.m., Yoder Recital Hall

Oct. 18-Nov. 5

The Ephrata Martyrs Mirror: A History Dramatic and Useful
Special collections exhibit, Carrie Phillips, curator
This ancillary exhibit explores the craft of early colonial printing as displayed in the Ephrata Cloister’s publication of the Martyrs Mirror and other German devotional materials.
2-5 p.m., Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
3-6 p.m., Sundays in Musselman Library

Sunday, Oct. 22

Great Day of Singing
Swiss Community Historical Society public hymn sing
Bradley Kauffman, project director of a forthcoming new hymnal from MennoMedia, leads participants in hymns that explore the musical heritage of local Swiss immigrant churches.
4 p.m., Yoder Recital Hall

Monday, Oct. 23

Hiding in Plain Sight: Swiss Anabaptism in the Later 16th Century
by C. Arnold Snyder
This presentation summarizes the life and thought of the later Swiss Anabaptists and describes findings resulting from preparation of Dr. Snyder’s new book Later Writings of the Swiss Anabaptists, 1529-1592.  Copies of this book will be available for purchase and author signing.
7 p.m., Kreider Room, Marbeck Center

Tuesday, Oct. 24

Toleration in the Reformation: Historical Reflections for Today
Forum by C. Arnold Snyder
Dr. Snyder’s Forum presentation discusses the crisis of faith and governance brought on by the European Reformation, launched five hundred years ago with Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses on the doors of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany.
Forum, 11 a.m., Yoder Recital Hall

Sunday, Oct. 29

History Dramatic and Useful: The 1748 Ephrata 'Martyrs Mirror'
by Carrie Phillips
Carrie Phillips tells the story of the translation and publication of the 1748 Martyrs Mirror at Ephrata Cloister—an early American monastic community of pietist believers. Phillips situates this remarkable publication event within the larger network of German print culture in colonial America and examines the craft and artistry displayed in this beautiful edition of Martyrs Mirror.
4 p.m., Kreider Room, Marbeck Center

Tuesday, Oct. 31

Bearing Witness: Mary as our Guide
Spiritual Life Week Forum by Isaac Villegas
Pastor Villegas explores the ethics of embodied solidarity as displayed in the life of Mary—whose body bears witness to God’s presence in the world by giving birth to Jesus and sharing in his suffering during the crucifixion.  The presentation considers depictions of Mary in social protest movements that invoke her witness through various symbolic actions—including the display of candles bearing her image.
11 a.m., Yoder Recital Hall

Nov. 2-5

"The Crucible" by Arthur Miller
Fall theatre performance, tickets required  
directed by Dr. Melissa Friesen
This award-winning 1953 drama depicts events related to the 1692 witch trials in the Puritan village of Salem, Massachusetts. 
Nov. 2, 3 and 4, 7:30 p.m.; November 5, 2:30 p.m.
Ramseyer Auditorium, College Hall

Friday, Nov. 3

The Nonviolent Word of God: How Anabaptists Live in the Bible
Friday Colloquium panel discussion with Gerald J. Mast, Walt Paquin, J. Denny Weaver and Jackie Wyse-Rhodes
Four Bluffton professors across several disciplines investigate Anabaptist understandings of the Word of God as a gentle force of creativity and care in the world—both in the Reformation era and in contemporary Mennonite theology. The panel examines three significant early Anabaptist sources of biblical knowledge and obedience: the Ausbund hymnbook, the Swiss Brethren concordance, and the apocryphal/deuterocanonical biblical writings.
4 p.m., Stutzman Lecture Hall, Centennial Hall

Sunday, Nov. 5

Music of the Martyrs: A Choral Tapestry
Directed by Mark Suderman and featuring organist Shirley Sprunger King performing “Singing at the Fire,” a three movement composition by Brent Weaver featuring stories from the Martyrs Mirror.
The concluding musical concert presents choral arrangements of hymns that reflect the Christian commitment to faithful and costly witness, including but not limited to Anabaptist martyr songs.
6:30 p.m., Yoder Recital Hall