Symptom monitoring procedure

In order to ensure the safety and good health of all students, faculty, and staff during the time of the pandemic, Bluffton University is implementing a procedure for ongoing monitoring of students for potential COVID symptoms. All students will be required to complete a symptom reporting assessment daily seven days per week.

Reporting Procedure:

  1. Every Bluffton student, residential and commuter, will be required to take their temperature in the morning, seven-days per week and record their temperature in the Symptom Reporting form found within their MyBluffton account (no later than 10 a.m.). No-touch thermometers will be available on each residence hall floor.
  1. Students will then log-in to their MyBluffton account and select the Student Life tab. Once the tab is open, click on the Symptom Reporting link.
  1. Once the form is opened, enter the temperature obtained and indicate if you have any accompanying symptoms. If “yes” is entered in response to the symptom query, the symptom reporting screen will open. Please click on all symptoms being currently experienced. Identify the date your symptoms began, whether you have seen a healthcare provider, the date seen and whether you have been tested for COVID since the last entry. Then select submit to submit your report.

Data Monitoring Procedure:

  1. Reports containing Symptom Reporting data will be generated at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily. Reports will be reviewed for action to be taken by VP of Student Life, Director of Residence Life, Sports Medicine, Director of Nursing. All students demonstrating symptoms will be screened using the CDC Symptom Checker for guidance.

  2. A report indicating non-reporting students will be generated at 6 p.m. daily. Reports will be reviewed for action to be taken by VP of Student Life, Director of Residence Life, Sports Medicine, Director of Nursing. Non-reporting students will be contacted and provided direction.

  3. Students reporting either elevated temperatures or symptoms, or a combination of elevated temperature and symptoms will be contacted by the Student Life Administrative Assistant for direction. Students are to remain in their rooms, not go to class, wear a mask at all times and complete distance learning until given directions by Student Life,

  4. Students found to potentially be infected with COVID-19 during symptom review will be referred to Amber Seggerson, CNP for an office or telehealth visit for consideration for COVID-19 testing or will be directed to use the appropriate on-call service after hours or on weekends.

  5. Students who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 and who refuse to go for COVID-19 testing, must go to a designated quarantine space until they are symptom-free, following the Allen County Health Department (or their local health department) protocol or they will be administratively withdrawn from Bluffton University.

  6. If COVID-19 testing is recommended and an order given by Amber Seggerson, CNP, students will be directed to drive themselves or ask their roommate to drive them (only the student’s current roommate, not another student) to the Bluffton Hospital for testing. If the student does not have access to their own or roommate’s transportation, arrangements for transportation and instructions will be provided by Student Life. Students who plan to remain on campus should provide the hospital when they present for testing with their campus address and Marbeck mailbox number as opposed to their home address to ensure timely receipt of testing results.

  7. If a student is directed to testing, the student and his/her roommate(s) should notify the Student Life Office. Student Life will notify Residence Life and the Registrar. Residence Life will assign the students a quarantine room. The Registrar will notify the students' professors that the students should be excused from attending in-person class.

  8. Students will return to the campus following testing and will enter an assigned quarantine room until either: A) test results are found to be negative at which time the student and their roommate can return to their usual residence accommodations, or B) test results indicate the student is positive for COVID-19 at which time the student will be relocated according to their established health plan and either return home or be moved into an assigned isolation room near campus to complete the required period of self-isolation until provided a release letter from the Allen County Health Department. Students returning home to self-isolate must provide documentation of release from their respective county health department or health care provider to Student Life before they will be allowed to return to campus. The COVID-positive students roommate will remain in quarantine to complete the required period of self-isolation (see quarantine policy).

    Commuter students should quarantine (or isolate, as needed) in their home for the required period or until provided a release letter from the Allen County Health Department (or home county health department).

    Students must provide documentation (copy of test results) of COVID-19 test findings to Student Life as soon as possible at

  9. Students will be required to contact Student Life to receive approval to return to usual campus living arrangements at the end of the isolation and quarantine periods (see quarantine and isolation policies)