Student isolation

Policy and Procedure for Student Isolation

In order to ensure the safety and good health of all students, faculty, and staff during the time of the pandemic, Bluffton University has implemented a procedure for the isolation of COVID-19-positive students on campus for resident students who choose to remain on campus during the period of illness.

Isolation Procedure
  1. Students testing positive for COVID-19, will have an option to fulfill the required isolation period on campus or return to their home residence as indicated in their established health plan for the isolation period. Students who choose to remain on campus following a positive COVID test will be assigned to an isolation room by Student Life.
  1. Students in isolation will participate in classes remotely (as able) during their period of isolation. Meals will be delivered to students by Dining Services. Student rooms will be cleaned by designated cleaning services.
  1. Students will receive a phone call from a designated Student Life contact at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. to check on their well-being and to provide support as needed. Additional points of contact will be made by Dining Services for meal deliveries. Dining Services will notify Student Life immediately if an isolated student fails to answer the door to receive delivery.
  1. Students in isolation will be required to continue to complete the daily Symptom Reporting process on MyBluffton. In addition to the daily symptom monitoring, students in isolation will be provided a pulse oximetry device and will report readings to Student Life contacts during well-being checks.


Release of Student from Isolation

Students must provide a release letter from the Allen County Health Department to Student Life before they will released from on-campus isolation. Students returning home to self-isolate must provide documentation of release from their respective county health department or health care provider to the VP of Student Life before they will be allowed to return to campus. (The requirements for self-isolation and monitoring may change based on updated guidance from the CDC or Allen County Health Department).