Student Health Plan

Policy and Procedure for Student Health Plan for Positive COVID Status

In order to ensure the safety and good health of all students during the time of the pandemic, Bluffton University is implementing a procedure to require students to state their plans for self-isolation should they become COVID positive during the semester. All students will be required to complete a Health Plan prior to the beginning of the semester to identify whether they will choose to remain on campus or return home for the self-isolation period.

  1. All Bluffton University Students will be required to complete a Health Plan prior to the beginning of the semester.
  1. Students will log-in to their MyBluffton account, select the Student Life tab, then click on the Create Health Plan link.
  1. Students will be required to select either “I plan to self-isolate on campus” or “I plan to return home to self-isolate should I become COVID positive during the semester”. (Commuter students will only identify the option to remain home for self-isolation).
  1. Students will receive an email confirmation of their plan selection.
  1. Health plans must be completed by all students by the date indicated.
  1. Students may choose to change their plan at a later date. If a plan change is initiated, students are required to email as soon as possible.

Data Monitoring Procedure
  1. A daily report will be generated indicating students who have completed the form and those students who have not submitted a form. Reports will be forwarded to Student Life representatives.
  1. A report will also be generated and forwarded to Student Life indicating student selections for self-isolation plans.