Claire Clay

Explore Communication & Media

A special visit day just for students interested in communication, online media, print, radio, video and social media.

Tuesday, Oct. 3

On your visit you will:

  • Hear Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Marisa Gerber discuss fake news and the media industry
  • Meet communication and media students to discover what our academic community is like
  • Learn about the countless career opportunities available to communication and convergent media majors
  • Attend a Media and Culture class
  • Tour our beautiful campus
  • Learn about financial aid opportunities at Bluffton

Communication and convergent media students at Bluffton are able to specialize in church communication, journalism, media production, media studies, public relations or theatre. Our students complete internships and practicums that provide on-the-job training while taking courses that challenge them to become effective communicators and develop the skills most highly sought after by employers.

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