Community Enrichment Grant

The Bluffton University Community Enrichment Grant is awarded to promising students who are underrepresented on the Bluffton campus. A diverse educational environment benefits all learners. To be considered, students must be regularly admitted to Bluffton. Students selected for this award will be expected to participate in Project H.O.M.E — a student/alumni mentoring program for underrepresented students at Bluffton.

It is important this grant be given to the most deserving students. If you wish to be considered for this award please complete the application form and click "send form." Applications are considered on a rolling basis. We will normally contact you within two weeks of receiving your application. 

Community Enrichment Grant application

In a few paragraphs, please share how, as an underrepresented student, you believe you will enrich the Bluffton University campus. Be sure to include ways you have been involved in your local community and how those experiences have prepared you to contribute to Bluffton's community.
As an underrepresented student, I wish to be considered for the Community Enrichment Grant at Bluffton University. I understand that if selected for the program, I will agree to participate in Project H.O.M.E.-- a campus mentorship program for underrepresented students.