Tech center student assistant Hours: 8/week
Supervisor: Chris Gott Wage: minimum wage
Contact: Positions: 12
The student assistant is managed by the student supervisor. The student assistant is responsible for assisting students, faculty and staff with the use of computers, peripherals, digital cameras/camcorders, projectors, voice recorders and related equipment. The student assistant is also responsible for the delivery, set-up and retrieval of equipment.

Tech center student supervisor Hours: 17/week
Supervisor: Chris Gott Wage: minimum wage+$.50
Contact: Positions: 6
The student supervisor reports to the technology coordinator. They assist in the management of the Technology Center to insure that the center operates smoothly and meets the needs of students, faculty and staff. Supervisors have an advanced level of training, leadership skills, technology skills and customer service skills. They are responsible for assisting with developing and enforcing policy, hiring student assistants, training and identifying areas needing change and improvement. They also have additional specialized responsibilities.

Public relations student web assistant Hours: 8/week
Supervisor: Sara Kisseberth Wage: minimum wage
Contact: Positions: 1
The student assistant serves as a resource to the web communication manager in web design and maintenance work.