Student life

Hall director Hours: N/A
Supervisor: Kevin Williams Wage: $3,500/room & board
Contact: Positions: 5
The hall director lives in an apartment in a residence hall and has the responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the residence hall. The primary goal of the hall director is to maintain a residence hall that is conducive to the pursuit of academic interests. In support of this goal, the hall director has specific responsibilities such as distributing keys, giving direction to resident advisors, maintaining safety procedures, working closely with the supervisor of student custodians, supporting the objectives of Bluffton University and responding to student concerns.

Resident advisor Hours: N/A
Supervisor: Kevin Williams Wage: $2,700 1st year, $3,000 2nd year, $3,300 3rd year
Contact: Positions: 28
The resident advisor is an undergraduate student employed by Bluffton University who lives in a living unit with 15-40 students. He/She is responsible for implementing the programs of the student life division and maintaining a living unit which is conducive to the pursuit of academic interests. This responsibility includes responding to student concerns, assisting guests, facilitating programs in the residence halls, establishing safety procedures and supporting the objectives of Bluffton University.