How to use IRS link

How to use the IRS link on FAFSA 

  • Sign in at
  • Select either Continue (if you have already started a FAFSA, but have yet to submit it) or Make a Correction (if you wish to correct an already submitted FAFSA) 
  • Choose the Financial Information tab and go to the parent's income information 
  • The first question regarding tax filing status needs to be answered Already Completed
  • Review the boxes to see if any of the following circumstances apply; if not, select None of the Above. You cannot use the retrieval tool if any of the following apply: 
    • Married, filing separately 
    • Filed as Head of Household 
    • Filed an amended tax return
    • Filed a Puerto Rican or foreign tax return
  • You will be presented with the option to link to the IRS. 
    • Click Link 
    • Fill in filing status (choose from drop down list) 
    • Fill in address information (the address information must match the address exactly as it was used to file the 2018 tax returns) 
    • Select Transfer into FAFSA button 
  • Once back into the FAFSA, go to the bottom of the screen and click Save, then click Next
  • For the Student's IRS Return Retrieval, repeat steps 4-7, making sure that you have clicked on the student section. 
  • IMPORTANT: Once all the information is transferred into the FAFSA, save and submit your FAFSA. Make sure you receive a confirmation page and print this for your records. 

IRS Tax Transcript Request Process

Tax filers can request a transcript, free of charge, of their 2018 tax return from the IRS in one of three ways: 

Option 1: Get Transcript Online 

  • Visit the IRS Website at
  • Select "Get Your Tax Record"
  • Select "get transcript online"
  • Create an account or sign-in to your existing account 
  • Print the PDF of your "return transcript" for tax year 2018

Option 2: Get Transcript by Mail 

  • Visit the IRS Website at
  • Select "Get Your Tax Record"
  • Select "get transcript by mail"
  • Enter the information as requested
  • Make sure you select "return transcript" for tax year 2018

Option 3: Paper Request 

  • Use IRS for 4506T-EZ, 
  • Make sure to enter the year as "2018" on line 6
  • One tax filer is required to sign the form 
  • Mail to the appropriate address located on page 2 of the form
  • Wait 5-10 days upon receipt and processing of the form for delivery of your transcript

Upon receipt of your IRS Tax Transcript, please submit to the Financial Aid Office. 

Bluffton University 
Financial Aid Office 
1 University Drive 48
Bluffton, OH 45817
Fax: 419.358.3073