Hopi, Navajo and Zuni in U.S. Southwest


hopi, navajo, zuni
in U.S. Southwest

We will explore and interact with Native American people in the Southwest, including the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni. We'll travel with Astrological Anthropologist, Jerry Snow and learn from Native experts/guides about their cultures' unique histories, belief systems, spiritual worldviews, art-mythologies, tribal laws, customs and domestic life. We'll spend three days camping on a Navajo ranch and doing service work; other service work will be scheduled with schools, national parks or museums that specialize in cultural engagements projects. 

This 18-day itinerary includes Flagstaff, Arizona's Museum of Northern Arizona; Walnut Canyon and Singua cliff dwellings to learn about the desert flora and fauna; Sunset Crater Volcano and ancient Wupatki Pueblo National Monument cliff dwellings; the Grand Canyon and Native American origin myths; Monument Valley; Bears Ears National Monument; Natural Bridges National Park for stargazing; Mese Verde National cliff dwelling; Four Corners National Monument; Canyon de Chelly Navajo sites near Window Rock, New Mexico; Navajo Virgil Hermes' ranch; Hopi School and Mesas; Coal Mine Canyon and Sedona.

Dates and program fee are preliminary estimates

Leaders: Phil Sugden and Carole Elchert 
Dates: May 16- June 2, 2022
Program fee: $2,400
Deposit: $300 due Dec. 1, 2021
12 students

Elaine Suderman,  Asst. Director of Cross-cultural Programs

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