Understanding Arizona's Ancient and Modern People

This experience will explore and interact with a variety of cultures in the Southwest including those of Hispanic and Native American descent. We will seek to understand issues such as land ownership, immigration and citizenship in the context of Arizona as a border state and a state including several Native American reservations. We will learn about the history, customs and spiritual worldview of these cultures and their relationship with anglo residents of the region. 

Activities will include: meeting with people involved with immigration policy and border issues; crossing the US/Mexico border and spending four days helping build a house for a Mexican family; interacting with Hopi and Navajo peoples on their reservations; learning about ancient Puebloan cultures through visits to Mesa Verde National Park and other locations of ruins and rock art in the Four Corners region, and exploring the beauty of the region by visiting natural wonders like Canyon de Chelly and the Grand Canyon.

Approximate dates & costs
Dates: May 6-23, 2020
Program Fee: $2,200
Leader: Phil Sugden and Carole Elchert 
14 students
Passport required

Elaine Suderman,
Asst. Director of Cross-cultural Programs
Cross-cultural Program Office
College Hall second floor

Included Content