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The Witmarsum

General education & integrative learning

In addition to completing a major course of studies to prepare for a career, Bluffton students also prepare for lifelong learning by completing an integrated general education program. This core program begins with First Year Seminar, a course to guide students' exploration of individual identity, and concludes with the Enduring Values Capstone course, which addresses our role as global citizens.

In between, students develop skills in writing and reasoning, and study the world around them in interdisciplinary courses in the arts, natural science, social science, humanities and religion. They then cross boundaries into a culture different from their own by participating in a cross-cultural learning experience. This program is designed to provide a basis for success in the 21st century.

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Student research and exploration

These special programs and activities at Bluffton give students opportunities for research and discovery as well as a way to share their knowledge and ideas with the community. 

First Tuesday in the Library Forum
These presentations in Musselman Library’s Reading Room are specifically for students to share their research, work and knowledge with the community. 

Departmental honors projects 
A departmental honors project gives students the opportunity to explore their interests. Students work closely with a faculty member to propose and develop a project idea. Students have written research papers, exhibited art shows, produces plays and created children’s books and novels. 

Bridge: The Bluffton University Literary Journal 
Bridge is a literary journal which publishes works by young authors, ages 14-24, from across the globe. An online journal is published in the fall and a print version in the spring. Members of the Bridge team read, select, edit and approve works to be published in Bridge. 

Shalith literary magazine
The Shalith  is a yearly literary magazine sponsored by the English and language department and produced by a committee of students and a faculty advisor. Since 1962,  Shalith  has published writing and artwork by Bluffton students, faculty and staff in a variety of formats.

The Witmarsum 
The Witmarsum is the student-driven media website of Bluffton University.  features student-produced news and feature stories. Paid positions are available working with The Wit. The communication and theatre department has administrative and academic responsibility for its operation.


C. Henry Smith Oratorical Contest 
The annual C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical Contest provides the opportunity to compose and deliver a speech that applies Christian principles of peacemaking to contemporary social issues. The winner of the Bluffton competition advances to compete with winners from other Mennonite-related colleges and universities.