Arts & Lecture Events

The Bluffton University arts and lecture program provides an opportunity for shared academic and cultural experiences among faculty, staff, and students across departments and disciplines. Lectures present ideas, issues and problems significant for general education and society at large.

All undergraduate students are expected to earn two credits by graduation. Students earn half an hour of academic credit for every 15 arts and lecture events they attend. A total of 60 events completes the required two hours. A minimum of one-third  of the events must be Tuesday morning Forums.

SwiperStudents do not register for arts and lecture credit, nor will they be charged for this credit (if it is fulfilled prior to fulfilling all graduation requirements). 

A calendar of approved Arts & Lecture events is available on the Student tab at

  • Students must present I.D. cards to be scanned on entering and exiting.
  • This credit is added to the transcript as it is earned. (.5 credit for attendance at 15 events at least five of which were Forums)
  • The I.D. must be scanned in and out by the individual student. 
  • Students must stay for the entire event in order to receive credit.  
  • Students will not receive credit for attending the same event multiple times (e.g. the May Day musical).
  • Questions related to the arts and lecture program may be directed to the registrar's office at ext. 3321 or

 Seniors need to complete this requirement two weeks before graduation in order to receive their diploma at graduation.

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