Executive Committee ballot

In spring 2020, Pi Delta members will vote to elect a vice-president, whose 3-year term will begin July 1, 2020. The executive committee recommends Austin Siefker for this role. 

Austin is a 2016 Bluffton University graduate who studied accounting and business management while being a member of the football team.  Upon graduation, Austin served as an assistant football coach for the Beavers while pursuing a Bluffton MBA.  Austin is employed as a senior accountant at Pratt Industries and coaches football at Wapakoneta High School.

All Pi Delta members are encouraged to submit a ballot prior to June 30, 2020 in order to approve the nominee for Pi Delta Executive Committee.  If your household has more than one Pi Delta member, each may vote.

As part of this ballot, consider whether you would be willing to serve on the Pi Delta Executive Committee, and submit your name for consideration.

Please submit your vote below.  Prefer to vote by mail?  Send in our printable ballot.

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