Global Connections
To promote cultural understanding, international students attending Bluffton University share about their country and culture through individual presentations or panel presentations. This opportunity is coordinated through Louise Matthews, the advisor for International Connection, and is limited to occasions when international students are available to participate.
Louise Matthews

Never Too Old for picture books
We don’t outgrow the messages shared in picture books. This session will highlight themes and picture books that can be incorporated into curriculum and lessons for students of all ages, not just for young children. Lessons from text books can be enriched and presented from various perspectives using picture books from The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center about history, environment, cultures, science, viewing the world from a child's perspective, social interaction, family, peer pressure and more. This program can be customized for any audience.
Louise Matthews

Got Culture?
Incorporating literature, art, music, international outfits, and other fun props, this interactive session will present the theme of cultures from the perspective of recognizing similarities and differences, understanding and appreciating diversity.  This session can be customized for an audience of any age.
Louise Matthews

For more information or to schedule a speaker, contact the public relation office at at least two weeks prior to your meeting.