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begun 1434; major additions, c. 1500-1514; consecrated 1521

The bowed front

Although work was begun on this smallish (75 x 180 feet long) parish church in 1434, the curved entrance porch was not added until the first decades of the sixteenth century. In Rouen, the capital of Normandy, this late Gothic church has some parallels with the "Decorated style" in England. (Normandy was especially susceptible to English influence during the Hundred Years' War.) The richness of decoration, the perforated gables, and the use of curvilinear and pointed tracery (like flickering flames) are characteristic features of the French "Flamboyant style."


The entrance and a topmost gable

The entrance porch appears to have five portals; however, the outermost portals are "blind." The portals are capped by steep gables which rise in height toward the center. The gables are connected by a balustrade. (See detail below.) Crockets (from the French word croquet=hook) project at regular intervals along the edges of the gables and buttresses.


View of the "blind" portal on the entrance porch and the nave; detail of a nave window


Detail of the gables and connecting balustrade; details of the central gable

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