Gulf Coast

Gulf Coast

Responding, Rebuilding and Restoring

Spend two weeks in the Gulf Coast region of the U.S. doing work rebuilding houses and communities after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike and the oil spill. One additional week will be spent in a city with a focus on housing and housing security, the impact of environmental disaster and other topics related to Gulf Coast culture.

The Gulf Coast region of the United States is sometimes referred to as the Gulf South, South Coast, or 3rd Coast. The economy of the Gulf Coast region is dominated by industries related to fishing, petrochemicals, aerospace, agriculture and tourism, anchored by large port cities such as Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Mobile.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast and was the most damaging storm in the history of the United States. In 2008 the Gulf Coast was struck by Hurricane Ike, the third most damaging storm in US history. The April 2010 oil spill caused extensive damage to marine and wildlife habitats as well as the Gulf's fishing and tourism industries. These disasters place the fragile ecosystems of the Gulf Coast in severe danger, and have devastated communities and livelihoods of residents.

We will be working with a home repair organization. While the main focus is on clean up, repair and rebuilding homes, this service touches lives and nurtures hope, faith and wholeness.

So, join with other Bluffton students to understand the impacts of these disasters on the most vulnerable through listening to stories of survivors and being part of the response that seeks to rebuild homes and restore lives.

Dates and costs are preliminary estimates
May 6-25, 2015
Program fee: $1,225
Leader: TBD
15 students

Elaine Suderman, Asst. Director of Cross-cultural Programs
Cross-cultural Program Office
College Hall second floor