Mayan Culture and Modern Life

GuatemalaExperience the colorful culture and beautiful landscape of Guatemala. In this country of more than 13 million people, many Mayans continue to live in small, rural villages, dress in colorful traditional clothing and speak one of one of 22 indigenous languages. Guatemala is still recovering from 36 years of "civil war" called La Violencia (the violence). Peace Accords were signed in 1996.

Our experience will investigate the integration of ancient Mayan culture and modern life and see the inequities of wealth and power distribution. Learn about La Violencia and efforts to heal the wounds of that painful experience. Time will be spent in the capitol city, Guatemala City, and in rural areas, particularly near beautiful lake Atitlan. We will experience bustling markets full of locally-made crafts, visit cooperatives and learn about how those crafts are made, visit Ancient Mayan ruins, eat local foods, practice Spanish and learn to appreciate rural life and work during a home-stay. To take full advantage of this cross-cultural experience you will need to be adaptable and be willing to try new experiences, including unfamiliar food. At least minimal Spanish is helpful, but not required.

Dates and costs are estimates
Dates: May 7-28th, 2014
Leader: Jo Ellyn Peterson
Program Fee: $1,800
15 students
passport required

Elaine Suderman, Asst. Director of Cross-cultural Programs
Cross-cultural Program Office
College Hall second floor