Great Britain

Church in Great BritainGreat Britain (and Europe in general) is a very secular society, especially compared to the United States. On this cross cultural experience we will learn about the worship and beliefs of a variety of faith communities in Great Britain (Scotland and England). Many of these faith communities are counter-cultural to the prevailing society. Most grew out of this vacuum of faith or began because of persecution/violence or attempts to strengthen the current faith. On the opposite side of this are the state churches that connect very directly to the society around them. The contrasts of these communities will be studied and explored. Some have a strong commitment to peace and social justice, while others focus on the giving up worldly pleasures in order to better serve the world.

Many educational sessions are already in place at these faith communities for more in-depth understanding. There will be opportunities to become involved with the daily tasks and service work in some of these locations. We will also be able to worship with others at these churches, as almost all have daily services. The hope is to sing at some of these venues and connect even more closely with the parishioners and locals. Likely, a choir exchange will be scheduled at one or more locations for direct interaction with other musicians. Homestays may occur at various venues. Reflection and further discussions will happen after each location has been experienced.

While travel will be on a charter bus for the majority of the experience, other forms of public transportation will be used. Local foods and shops will be experienced. In addition, there will be time to explore the sites in London (Tower Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Parliament).

NOTE: If chosen to participate in this experience, you will be expected to attend rehearsals with Camerata Singers during their regularly scheduled time in spring semester.

Dates and costs
Dates: May 6-25, 2015
Program Fee: $3,500
Leader: Mark Suderman
24-30 Students (Camerata Singers plus others)
Passport Required - valid for 6 months beyond return travel date
No vaccinations required

Elaine Suderman, Asst. Director of Cross-cultural Programs
Cross-cultural Program Office
College Hall second floor