Botswana: Village Life

Photos taken by Bluffton University students on the Botswana experience.

Botswana offers extraordinary possibilities for cross-cultural learning about Africa's present opportunities and challenges. While people in Botswana face many of the same problems as people in other African and third world countries, it has been a relative island of order while about it have swirled the eddies of ethnic and political strife.

This course will be built around a two-week stay in the small Botswana village of Pitseng. Students will live with host families, and will spend their time learning language, visiting and learning traditional skills from local people. From this vantage point participants will study and experience how Africans live with and synthesize local and global, traditional and modern.

In addition, this year, in accordance with Bluffton's Civic Engagement Theme, Virtual Living: Technology's Impact on Culture and Learning, we will also be working toward a community-based project to connect the village of Pitseng to the Internet.

Pre-trip coursework will include introductory language skills as well as individual work on specific cultural issues such as health care, religion, education and the oral tradition. Journaling will be a requirement throughout.

Dates & costs
Dates: May 7-29, 2013
Leader: Kate Spike
Program fees: $3650
10 students
Passport required