Academic Info

Orientation class 

Students accepted into the program are required to take LAS 220 Northern Ireland Orientation (1 credit hour) during the spring semester prior to departure. This class is designed to prepare you for the cross-cultural experience and will include lectures, readings, discussions with former students, and meeting time with director, Mervyn Love. You will receive one credit hour for this class.

Classes in Northern Ireland

While in Northern Ireland you will take five classes (each 3 credit hours) on the Magee College campus. Courses include:

  • Peace Building through Reconciliation, taught by Mervyn Love, program director;
  • Practical Mediation Skills and Conflict Transformation, taught by Michael Doherty, director of Derry Peace & Reconciliation Group;
  • Government and Politics of Northern Ireland, taught by Emmet O'Connor, senior lecturer in the School of History, Philosophy and Politics at Magee College;
  • History of Northern Ireland & Background to the Troubles, taught by Peter Pyne, senior course tutor at Magee College;
  • International Conflict Resolution: A Case Study of Northern Ireland, taught by Stephen Ryan , senior lecturer of Peace & Conflict Studies at Magee College.

Work placement

Following the 10 weeks of classes, you will participate in a 4-5 week work placement in the community. The supervised placements provide you the opportunity to work with the people of Northern Ireland directly and to learn about the issues these people deal with on a daily basis. You are in direct contact with both sides of the conflict by being placed in organizations that bring people from both backgrounds together. A sampling of the work placement locations in which students have participated are: Oakgrove Primary School, Corrymeela Community, Children in Crossfire, Derry Peace and Reconciliation Group and Hostel for Homeless Men. In addition to these, there are many others to choose from. You will receive two credit hours for this placement.

Cultural Activities

Northern Ireland participantsEssential components of the program includes two weekend retreats at Corrymeela Community. In addition, field trips and cultural excursions will be planned during the semester. Several days will be spent in Dublin experiencing the cultural there. Students will have the opportunity to learn some Irish (Gaelic) music and dance as an extra-curricular activity.


Elaine Suderman, Asst. Director of Cross-cultural Programs
Cross-cultural Program Office
College Hall second floor