Northern Ireland Program

Peace and conflict resolution program in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland coast, photo by Megan Yoder

Bluffton's peace and conflict resolution program in Northern Ireland, offered each fall semester at Magee College of the University of Ulster in Londonderry, seeks to increase understanding of the complexities of the conflict in Northern Ireland. This program has academic, experiential and service components, including housing with Irish families; meetings with community leaders, church groups, constitutional political parties, community youth workers and security forces; and cross-community projects.



Bluffton students with the First and Deputy First Ministers of Northern Ireland Assembly

2010 Bluffton University contingent with the First and Deputy First Ministers of the
Northern Ireland Assembly following former President Bill Clinton's speech.
Bluffton students were interviewed for a national news story.

Program arrangements:
Dr. Mervyn T. Love of the department of history, University of Ulster, coordinates the program. Dr. Love has numerous contacts on all sides of the Northern Ireland conflict and presents a balanced view of the history and current events of Northern Ireland. He arranges all lodging, meals, transportation and programming in Northern Ireland.

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