Team Andy

Andy Chaffee

Bluffton University senior Andy Chaffee is training to compete in the 2012 Ironman Lake Placid on July 22, 2012.

Join the Team Andy Challenge and "beat" Andy to the training goal with increased activity and/or donations to the Health and  Fitness Education Center.

Couch-to-May Day Run

A 10-week training program to prepare for the annual May Day 4-mile Run is available now. Access the training plan.

Andy's training goal:

Andy's goal is to run/bike/swim a total of 80-100 miles each week, or 3,240 miles Nov. 14, 2011-July 22, 2012

Progress - July 6: 3,727 miles
1 block = 20 miles
chart updated on Mondays
Bluffton community activity challenge:

During the same 36-weeks, alumni, students, faculty, staff, friends and family are invited to start moving. Andy is challenging us to increase our current level of activity by 3,240 additional 30-minute workouts by July 22, 2012.     Accept the Get Moving challenge.

Twenty-nine people and "The Ladies of 3rd Hirschy" have accepted the Get Moving challenge!
Report your activity.

Progress by July 6: 1,851 30-minute workouts
1 block=10 30-minute workouts

Donor challenge:

In addition, Bluffton is looking for at least 36 donors to "sponsor" Andy for a week by sending notes of encouragement and donating $1 to the Health and Fitness Education Center for each mile he trains during "their" week.    Pick your week

Progress by June 27 - $1,541
1 block=$20

"In all of the research that I have completed in looking into doing the Ironman, I have found that the most important thing I will need in order to complete the event is a support team. It can get fairly boring and monotonous just going out for runs, or bike rides, or doing what seems like endless amounts of laps in the swimming pool by yourself. But knowing that you have a group of supporters or just people that are invested in knowing how you are doing and that you are progressing through this process can completely make those feelings disappear."

Give and receive motivation via social media!

Use the #BlufftonTeamAndy hashtag.