Frequently asked questions

Q. Are there jobs available in social work?

A new study predicts a critical shortage of social workers in the near future, particularly to serve the increasing needs of aging baby boomers. NASW's Center for Workforce Studies includes complete information about a national survey of licensed social workers in the United States. To get an idea of jobs being posted, see job listings by "The New Social Worker."  Some social service agencies and professional organizations, such as the North American Association of Christians in Social Work post job opportunities on their web site.

Q. Can I support a family on what I can earn as a social worker?
In many locations, starting salaries for social workers are similar to starting salaries for other service professions such as teachers.

Q. Do I need a license to work as a social worker?
Every state requires some form of legal regulation of social work practice. Ohio requires social workers to be licensed. A bachelor's degree in social work is needed to be eligible to apply for the license.

Q. Where can I get more information on social work careers?
For more information see the National Association of Social Workers, or try this on-line quiz on social work careers.