WBWH Meeting Miunutes 9-24-07

99.3FM WBWH Bluffton Meeting Minutes


  • Attendance: Ron Denney, Jenn Hostetler, Micheal Detrick, Dawn Burden, Matt Culley, Jake Short, george LATIO, Bethany Rayle, Shearl Young, Matti P. Hall, Noe Mendez, Chris Welch, Amanda Eubank
  • Shows: “Chocolate Rain” Method, youtube it. When you breathe, either turn away from the mic or breath silently.
  • Fall Festival: Rumor: It may be on Main Street this year, watch for the actual location.
  • Ideas: bobbing for apples, guess how much is in the jar, name that tune, eating a hanging doughnut blindfolded, pin the headset on the DJ. Think of your top three favorite ideas, bring original ideas as well.
  • Homecoming Parade: The tradition has been to decorate someone’s car and drive it playing the station. We’ll hand out freebies to the onlookers, possibility of doing a live broadcast from the parade?
  • Homecoming Allocation: We have been asked to donate $250 for Homecoming decorations.
  • Promotional Events: Don’t Forget the Lyrics – Event in Bob’s place, we’ll have Pizza and Prizes, let us know what you think about it.
  • Housekeeping: We’re looking at getting 30 sec. PSA’s from campus groups to play in the station. AVOID DEAD AIR! Have your next song cued up as you are introducing it and have it ready to go to avoid dead air.
  • Motion to Close 1st Shearl 2nd Dawn

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