WBWH Meeting Miunutes 1-28-08

99.3FM WBWH Bluffton Meeting Minutes


I. Welcome

II. Shows

a. They're all sounding pretty good, keep up the great work everyone!
b. Noe is covering Jenn's show on Friday for her (or at least part of it)
c. Noe is also broadcasting the game with Tig on Wed. and Ron will be in the station.

III. Closing the Station, just a few things to know ;)

a. Turn off the computer monitor that the playlist is on, JUST THE MONITER, NOT THE WHOLE SYSTEM!
b. Turn the music down on the monitors
c. Shut down the computer on the right side of the desk.
d. Shut down the production computer as well.
e. Lock the station door as well as the Byers lobby door.

IV. T-Shirt colors-here are the options:

a. The shirts will say "Hey Man, Look at Me Rockin' Out" on the front side, "I'm on the Radio!" on the back. Also on the back of the shirt we will have everyone's name scattered around. The logo will be on the sleeve. Options for color are:
I. Brown shirt, light brown lettering (Carolina blue!)
II. Navy Blue shirt, white lettering
III. Maroon shirt and golden(ish) lettering.
IV. Black shirt and purple lettering
V. Red shirt and black lettering.

Everyone keep up the good work with your shows and have a wonderful (and hopefully stress-free) week!

Motion to Close:
1st: Dawn Burden
2nd: Chris Welch

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