The People's Movement for the Advancement of History





A Brief History of PMAH

  Welcome to the home page of Bluffton University’s history club known as the People’s Movement for the Advancement of History (PMAH). The project of Bill Freil and Bob Hodges, PMAH was able to gain approval of the constitution by Student Senate on January 31st of 2005. These two fellow history advocates were able round up some fellow students of history on campus to create a club. This organization has continued to flourish in a community with an abundance of enthusiastic history students and faculty.

The Purpose of this Organization

  The desire of the club is to bring together students for the purpose of exploring their mutual interests in studying and talking history. Through various activities–attending films, lectures, social events and history-related games and parties at the homes of history faculty. PMAH members deepen their own fascination with the human experience in history and together reinforce their conviction that studying history is one of the most intellectually enriching possible pursuits on a college campus.


  The club has a general meeting once a  month. If you miss a meeting do not worry too much, because the minutes will be posted in Marbeck the following day and there will also be an online version available on the Minutes page. It is important to also mention that the officers meet usually every week, so the minutes from officers meetings will be posted on the minutes page, but not in Marbeck. The following general meetings have been held so far this spring semester of 2009:

- 14 January 2009: 7 pm @ A & B Room

- 3 February 2009: 9:30 pm @ A & B Room


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