The People's Movement for the Advancement of History



The Constitution of the People’s Movement for the Advancement of History


      We the students of Bluffton University create this organization; in order to improve the appreciation of history across campus, establish unity amongst students interested in history, and to provide assistance to students in history related courses. Therefore, this assembly of students ordains and establishes this constitution for the organization known as “the People’s Movement for the Advancement of History” or in abbreviated form, PMAH.

(Edited September 5, 2006)

Article I. Membership

      Membership shall be open to all Bluffton University students, while faculty and community participation shall also be welcomed and encouraged. Membership status shall be obtained when students have attended at least three activities. Membership shall be retained throughout the student’s duration at Bluffton University until such time as the student graduates or requests the termination of membership.

(Edited September 5, 2006)

Article II. Activities

      Activities may be proposed by any person participating in PMAH. Activities shall be determined by a two third majority vote. Voting shall be restricted to members and votes shall be recorded by a written statement of “yea” or “nay.” In order for a member to vote he or she must be present at the time the vote is taken.

(Edited September 5, 2006)

Article III. Officers

Section I. Guidelines

(A) Positions
      The positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Minister of Finance, and Minister of Propaganda must be occupied by PMAH members. Terms of office shall be one year and members are not limited to a single term of office. Officers shall be entitled to vote in all PMAH decisions.

(B) Election Process
      Elections shall be held toward the end of every academic year on a date chosen by the members. The newly elected officers will always be inducted on the final day of classes in the Spring Semester of that Academic year. Voting shall be limited to members as defined in Article I. The President and Vice President will be decided by a joint ticket meaning that candidates for President will have a “running mate” for the office of Vice President. The other three offices will each have a separate election. The winner of the elections is decided by the candidate(s) with the most votes.

(C) Oath of Office
      “I state your name do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of state the office of the People’s Movement for the Advancement of History, and will to the best of my abilities, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of PMAH. In the name of Marx, Smith, Jefferson, Bush, Bush and Satterwhite. Huzzah!!”

(D) Impeachment of Officers
      Officers may be removed from his or her position only by their fellow officers. It takes a majority vote to remove them. The officer being impeached must abstain from voting.

(Edited September 6, 2006)

(E) Replacement of Officer
      When an officer is removed from office or resigns, then a replacement will be chosen by the President upon the confirmation of a majority vote.

(Edited October 25, 2006)

Section II. President

      The President shall be responsible for creating meeting agendas and leading meetings. The President is also in charge of the organization’s daily operations.

(Edited September 6, 2006)

Section III. Vice President

      The Vice President shall be responsible for helping the President in the aforementioned duties, and represent this organization in SOUL. The Vice President must also be prepared to carry out the duties of President at meetings if the President is unable to be in attendance. If the President is removed from office, the Vice President would take over the role of President.

(Edited September 6, 2006)

Section IV. Secretary

      The Secretary shall be responsible for recording the meeting minutes and attendance of members. It is also the duty of the Secretary to act as a “publicity coordinator.” This meaning that he or she will ensure that announcement of activities is spread around campus and that the student body is well informed of PMAH supported events.

(Edited September 6, 2006)

Section V. Minister of Finance

      The Minister of Finance shall distribute and handle all monetary transactions and shall be responsible for balancing the budget. This office shall also act as the “fundraising coordinator, which signifies that he or she will create ways for PMAH to make money during the Academic year.

(Edited September 6, 2006)

Article IV. Funds

      Funds for PMAH shall be used solely for the purposes outlined in this constitution and shall be regulated otherwise only as the members see fit.

(Edited September 6, 2006)

Article V. Meetings

      A general meeting of the entire club will occur once a month. The officers shall gather once a week. All officers must attend all meetings unless they have a legitimate excuse and this rule shall be known as the “Justin clause.” The general meetings shall be determined upon the best convenience of participants and shall be ordered as follows: the President opens the meeting; the Minister of Finance gives the financial report, the Secretary reads the minutes, the President or Vice President reports the agenda to the members, the floor is opened to other issues, and finally the meeting is closed.

(Edited September 6, 2006)

Article VI. Advisors

      PMAH will draw upon the critical expertise of the distinguished faculty of the entire History Department. The officers shall select a specific faculty or staff member who shall serve the club in an advisory capacity and consultant for club matters.

Article VII. Amendments

      Amendments to this constitution shall be proposed by members and must have a 2/3 majority vote to become effective. Amendments shall be voted on no earlier than one week after they are introduced.

Original Constitution Passed by Majority of PMAH Members Early December of 2005.
Original Constitution Passed by Student Senate on January 31, 2005.
September - October 2006 Amendments Passed by Majority of PMAH Members on November 2, 2006.
September - October 2006 Amendments Passed by Student Senate on November 13, 2006.

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