Theme Housing

Theme housing is a unique living option for returning students. It is an opportunity for a group of  students to share a suite of rooms in Riley Court with fellow students interested in exploring a particular topic. Two floors of Riley Court will be designated as themed housing.

Groups of 14 may apply to live in the suites by completing and submitting the application. A group will be chosen by the director of residence life in assistance with the vice president for student life. A group may be asked to interview, depending on the amount of student group applications. A group may be co-ed as long as it is divided into two groups of 7 with equal number of male and female students. 

Housing themes 
Groups must demonstrate an interest in sharing a living space as well as addressing a certain theme as part of their residential experience. The theme around which the group is focused is limited only by imagination. Examples of possible themes include: wellness, service, gender communication, recreation, literature, peace, Bible study, politics, etc. Be creative! 

Theme programs 
Groups commit to living and learning with their theme during the academic year, by executing programs that address the community's theme. A minimum of six programs must be proposed in the application. Programs might include guest speakers, field trips, special readings, social gatherings, games, meetings, etc. Again, program ideas are limitless! 

Campus standards 
All policies and standards that are maintained in the traditional residence halls also apply to theme housing units. 

Please call the student life office (x3247) if you need additional information, clarification of the process or assistance completing your application