Needs for Room Draw

 Residence hallWhat you need to participate in room draw:
Room Draw will take place Monday & Tuesday, April 14 &15 at 9:30 p.m. in the Sommer Center.

Monday: Triples, Singles, Neufeld Pods & Senior doubles
Tuesday: Junior doubles, Sophomore doubles, & super singles

  • Registration 
    • Students participating in room draw must register full time (12 or more credit hours) for fall semester classes by April 4.
    • Only students registered for the fall semester are eligible to participate in room draw. If a student is not registered, then that student and his/her roommate will not participate in room draw. There are no exceptions.
    • Both roommates must return the Room Draw Registration card by April 4. 

Room draw cards 
Room Draw Registration cards will be placed in campus mailboxes in March. Students must complete the information on the card and return it to the Student Life Office (box 70). If you do not receive a card or misplace it, please contact the Student Life Office.

Roommate selection 
Students must have a roommate to participate in room draw. Students without a roommate at the time of room draw will not draw for a room. However, several options exist: 

  • Summer matching  Students without a roommate will be matched in the summer with a transfer student or another returning student without a roommate. These students will not be able to participate in room draw.  
  • Other roommates   Students who hope to room with someone who is not yet registered or with a first-year student next fall will participate in the selection process at a later time. Contact the director of residence life (x3247) for more information.