Single and triple rooms


There are a limited number of single rooms available on campus. Single rooms are smaller rooms that are designed to house only one individual. These rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis during the singles room draw. Students who wish to live by themselves in a single room should report to Sommer Center at the appropriate time. The announcer will begin with seniors and then work down the room draw lists until all singles have been filled. 

Because of a limited number of single rooms on campus, it is likely that all individuals seeking a single room will not be accommodated. Students are strongly encouraged to have a backup plan in the event they do not receive a single room.  


There are a limited number of triple rooms that can house three individuals. The announcer will begin with seniors and then work down the room draw lists until all of the triple rooms have been filled. 

All roommates seeking to live in a triple room must be present. 

Super Singles: doubles as single rooms

A super single is a standard size room that has only one person living in it. When space is available, super single rooms are available at a higher cost - approximately one and one-half the cost of a traditional double room.

If students seeking a super single would like to come Tuesday, April 15, after all rooms are complete, we'll allow super single sign ups. This will be after singles, triples, senior doubles, junior doubles and sophomore doubles have chosen rooms. As you can see we give first preference to students who will fill up the double space.