Draw Order and Class Rank

For the in-person room draw events, either in individual halls or in Marbeck Center, draw order is determined by class rank. Students with senior class rank draw first, juniors second and sophomores third. Within each class, draw order is determined by a random selection.   

Class rank is determined by the number of credit hours a student has passed plus the hours the student is currently taking. Summer credit hours will not be included in the determination. Class ranks for draw order will be based on whole year standings only. For example, fifth year students do not draw before seniors, and so on. Students with a minimum of:   

  • 88 semester hours will have senior class rank
  • 58 semester hours will have junior class rank
  • 27 semester hours will have sophomore class rank

Note: During room draw, students will go through the process with whichever roommate's draw number is called first.   

Everyone Needs to Be There
All roommates must be present for room draw. Students who are unable to attend must complete a room draw absentee form. Students who do not complete this form and are absent will lose their place in the draw order along with their anticipated roommate(s). Absentee forms will be available in the Student Life Office or one can be placed in your campus mailbox. The student that will be choosing the room, for the absent student will need to bring the absentee form to room draw, in order to choose the room. If you need an absentee form mailed to you, please contact Studentlife@bluffton.edu.