Staff information

This area has been made especially for you and includes all information to assist you in being a quality staff member. Here you will find the following:

Dates and Events

Large Staff Meetings for Fall 2014
All meetings will be held in the Kreider Room at 9:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

September 24
October 8 & 22
November 5 & 19
December 3


Breaks for Fall 2014:
Fall break: Oct 13-14
Thanksgiving break: Nov 26-28
Winter break: Dec 12- Jan 5

RA On-Campus Dates
There are a few dates where residence life staff are expected to stay on campus to assist with additional guests. RAs and HDs are not permitted to take nights off for the following dates:


HD On-Call Schedule
When you are in doubt, call the HD on Duty. They are trained to answer many of your questions and can act as a first responder to incidents that happen on campus.

Sept 1-7: Daniel Mushangwe
Sept 8-14: Jessica Williams
Sept 15-21: Cole Page
Sept 22- 28: Eli Weikart
Sept 29 - Oct 5: Ravi Knutson
Oct 6-12: Daniel Mushangwe
Oct 13-19: Jessica Williams
Oct 20- 26: Cole Page
Oct 27- Nov 2: Eli Weikart
Nov 3-9: Ravi Knutson
Nov 10-16: Jessica Williams
Nov 17-23: Eli Weikart
Nov 24-30: Daniel Mushangwe
Dec 1-7: Cole Page
Dec 8-19: Jessica Williams
Dec 20- Jan 1: Daniel Mushangwe
Jan 2&3: Ravi Knutson

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