RA Job Description

The resident advisor is an undergraduate student employed by Bluffton University who lives in a living unit with 15-40 students.  They are responsible for implementing the programs of the student life division and maintaining a living unit which is conducive to the pursuit of academic interests. This responsibility includes responding to student concerns, assisting guests, facilitating programs in the residence halls, establishing safety procedures, and supporting the objectives of Bluffton University.


  • To create and maintain an environment in the living unit which is compatible with the physical, psychological, and educational needs of the students.
  • To ensure that students live according to the objectives of Bluffton University, the standards of conduct, the law, and the regulations stated in the Student Handbook.
  • To provide opportunities for students to participate in various activities on campus.
  • To serve as a resource to students who have problems or concerns.


  • Know, interpret, teach, and enforce the standards of conduct and the Student Handbook regulations, including any standards the hall association deems appropriate (e.g., quiet hours, etc).
  • Assist the maintenance personnel and hall director in keeping the residence hall functional for the use of residents, present and future.
  • Serve as a resource person for students and their guests concerning Bluffton University heritage, organization, and policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that there are proper safety guidelines for various emergencies posted on your floor.
  • Be aware of concerns which students have and respond to these concerns in an appropriate manner.
  • Assume responsibility for ensuring that students are able to pursue academic interests in the living unit.
  • Initiate and promote a minimum of 10 community development activities in the living unit. These will be based on the values of Bluffton University.
  • Participate in a duty rotation for your hall.
  • Actively participate in staff meetings, training programs, Leadership Development Program activities including fall and mid-year retreats, selection processes, and room draw.
  • Assist the hall director in the management of the residence hall.
  • Assume responsibility for special projects as delegated by the director of residence life or the hall director.

Organizational reporting

The resident advisor reports directly to the hall director who is their immediate supervisor. The director of residence life is primarily responsible for the selection, in-service education, and evaluation of resident advisors.

Conditions of employment

  • Be a full-time student maintaining at least a 2.5 grade point average.
  • Additional employment off-campus is not permitted; employment on-campus may be permitted only with prior permission from the director of residence life.
  • Floor and room assignments are determined by the director of residence life in consultation with hall directors.
  • Must stay overnight on campus throughout the academic year, including weekends, with the exception of university breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring) and emergencies. Resident advisors are allotted 12 nights per year off-campus in addition to university breaks. Provisions must be made with the hall director for floor coverage when off-campus.
  • Be on campus before classes begin in August for training, fall retreat, and fall welcome. Resident advisors must also be on campus up to the day vacation starts and return the day vacation ends. Resident advisors also assist in the check-in and year-end checkout processes and remain on campus until the Monday following commencement.
  • Complete a work agreement with financial aid office. This agreement can be terminated at any time if the director of residence life believes the responsibilities of the position are not being fulfilled.


  • Live in a single room.
  • 1st year RAs earn $2,700/year, 2nd year RAs earn $3,000/year, and 3rd year RAs earn $3,300/year.