Ropp Hall

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Ropp is the largest residence hall at Bluffton University and houses 231 students.

A large central lounge known as "The Pit" is located near the main entrance to the building and is a popular gathering place for students. Six of the nine floors in Ropp Hall have study lounges and kitchenette facilities on the floor, while a larger, fully equipped kitchen is located off first Ropp Annex. Two hall computer labs are also located in the building. The ground floor of Ropp Hall has an exercise room and is home to the Bluffton Centre for Academic Excellence for students in the honors program as well as the Health Center.

Built in 1914, Ropp was the first residence hall for women at Bluffton University. A second wing, Ropp Annex, was added in 1958, while a third wing, Ropp Addition, was completed in 1967.

Ropp will house both men and women, on separate floors, during the 2016-17 academic year.

Ropp Hall staff 2016-17

Hall Director:
Amy Marshall
1st floor 
RA: Justina Fuqua 1st floor Ropp Annex, room 182
RA: Chad Gundy 2nd floor Ropp Annex, room 273
RA: N/A 3rd floor Ropp Annex, room 373
RA: N/A 1st floor Ropp Addition, room 114
RA: Jon Fitch 2nd floor Ropp Addition, room 205
RA: Mickie Gonwick 3rd floor Ropp Addition, room 305
RA: N/A 2nd floor Old Ropp, room 206
RA: Sarah Oliver 3rd floor Old Ropp, room 303


Ropp Hall ministry assistants 2017-18

Tori Bowen 1st floor Ropp Annex
Bailey Hartle 2nd floor Ropp Annex
Greg Koviak 2nd floor Ropp Addition/2nd floor Old Ropp
Hannah Stephens 3rd floor Ropp Addition
Shelby Miller 3rd/4th floor Old Ropp


Average measurements

for Ropp Annex:         

Wall Dimensions - 14' 5"x 13'
Windows - 7' 1"x4' 4"     
Bed frame- 36.5"x80"
Mattress - 36"x80"

for Ropp Addition:                  

Wall Dimensions - 15' 4"x 11' 3"  
Windows - 7' 6"x4'
Bed frame - 36.5"x80"
Mattress - 36"x80"                        

for Old Ropp Hall:  

Wall and window dimensions vary by room. Please contact the director of residence life for further details.
Bed frame - 36.5"x80"                    
Mattress - 36"x80"                    
Floor style - carpet - 2nd floor only