On-Campus Housing


Residence HallsLiving on campus is an amazing, essential part of the collegiate experience. You'll make close friends and be exposed to new and different ways of thinking. You might even learn to love the country, hip-hop or classical sounds coming from your neighbor's stereo.

Here are some tips to make your residence hall room your home-away-from-home.

At Bluffton University, you will experience a sense of COMMUNITY. One that is unique and based on RESPECT. Through activities in the halls based on SERVICE, education or social outcomes, you'll be provided with an opportunity to be who you want to be. You'll experience impromptu conversations in the hallway or maybe travel as a group to the local bowling alley, the Whippy Dip or coffee shop. Living on campus is an experience unlike any other. Residence life will give you a chance to make your own DISCOVERIES.