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Describe how your personal identity has developed or changed in the last year. Reflect upon how these changes impact the way that you live your life on campus and in your community.
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Men and women living in the residence halls have various backgrounds and experiences that are unique to themselves and their culture. Describe your perspective and/or experience with multicultural communities and mutual respect of others. How do you feel your perspective will enhance your performance as a Residence Life staff member?
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What contributions have you made to your individual hall staff and the Residence Life department as a whole?
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Returning staff members are expected to be “leaders among leaders.” What motivates you to continue learning and performing to the best of your ability in your RA position currently – and what will motivate you in a position next year?
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Please describe a situation you were involved with in your residence hall that required you to employ critical thinking skills. What did you learn or gain from your involvement in that situation?
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Based on your current position as an RA/HD, how are your leadership abilities being effectively utilized and critically challenged? What have you learned from your experience? What would you do differently next year?
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From your experience, what do you believe is the biggest challenge or problem facing students who reside in the resident halls at Bluffton? As a returning RA/HD, how would you assist students facing this challenge?
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Please share your vision for the Residence Life department. What things do you feel are going well? What would you choose to change or improve? How will you make a difference?
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If you are applying to be an HD, please complete the following questions. If you are not, just place N/A in the boxes.
Describe your perception of the role of a hall director. What do you anticipate to be the challenges and celebrations of the position?
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Describe the qualities of an effective supervisor. How does your approach to leadership reflect these qualities?
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Hall directors serve as the direct supervisor of RA’s that are often both their peers and friends in the campus community. Please describe ways that you may work to merge the roles of supervisor, peer, and friend within your staff group.
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Please describe your current campus involvement outside of your RA or HD position. If selected for the HD position, how might you plan to balance each of your roles?
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Please describe your organizational style. How do you currently manage your time to assure that all responsibilities are fulfilled?
Answer 5 HD : *
How have you seen your ability to respond to and confront situations evolve throughout your time as an RA/HD? How might you apply what you’ve learned to respond to situations as the Hall Director on duty?
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How have you demonstrated a commitment to Bluffton’s four enduring values: community, respect, discovery, and service?
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How can a residential living experience impact a student’s life at college? Why is a residential living experience so important? Why do you think Bluffton requires students to live on campus?
Answer 8 HD: *
What makes you stand out as an HD candidate over others?
Answer 9 HD: *
In what ways have your past experiences shaped you for the future? How have you grown personally throughout your time in residence life? How do you plan to help other students grow in their identity?
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How do you envision Bluffton’s residence life department contributing to the broader purposes of a Christian liberal arts university?
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I understand that any written evaluations submitted by faculty, staff or students will be confidential and I waive my right to examine and read these documents.
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