New RA Application 2013-14


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This is the application for new residence life staff members. The Residence Life Staff at Bluffton University is pleased that you have considered joining our team!
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Please answer the following questions. Note that some questions have multiple parts. Please fully answer each question.
Why have you decided to apply for the RA position and why are you a good candidate?
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Being an RA is a top priority. Please list activities, positions held and years of participation in campus organizations at Bluffton University.
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Please list all activities, campus positions, internships, student teaching, field experiences, additional work experiences and evening classes, that you plan to be involved with in the 2013-14 academic year. How you will manage your time in addition to being an RA?
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What personal strengths, abilities, attributes, and qualifications would you relate to your competency to perform the job effectively? Please comment on areas in which you struggle and how you might work through the struggles to become an effective RA.
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Many of the men and women in the halls have various backgrounds and experiences that are unique to them and their culture. Explain your perspective and/or experience with issues of diversity and mutual respect of differences. How do you feel your perspective will enhance your position as a Residence Life staff member and the hall/floor/wing you will be working on?
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RAs gain skills such as problem-solving, communication, and mediation. Please describe how you have utilized one of these skills and how it makes you a good RA candidate.
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Indentify and describe four floor community development activities (CDAs) based on the core values that you might offer as an RA (1 service based, 1 community based, 1 respect based, and 1 based on discovery). Creativity is encouraged.
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Describe an experience when you played an active role as a team member. What were your challenges and successes?
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I understand that any written evaluations submitted by faculty, staff or students will be confidential and I waive my right to examine and read these documents.
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