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Shining Through
Shining Through

The campus ministries program at Bluffton University is actively engaged in outreach opportunities for students. Our Shining Through ministry team provides services for churches, retirement communities and Christian schools. To inquire about the availability of Shining Through, contact the Bluffton University church relations office at churchrelations@bluffton.edu

Shining Through is a group of students who convey the message of God through personal testimony, scripture reading and contemporary style music. Available for morning or evening worship, the group can be responsible for all or portions of a worship service. Tig Intagliata, campus pastor, travels with the group and is willing to provide a sermon as part of the program. Dr. Crystal Sellers, assistant professor of music, provides training and rehearsal support. By participating in this ministry team, students give witness to their faith in Christ and give encouragement to the larger body of believers.

The group focus speaks to people in all age ranges.  Worship programs with the Shining Through team include an invitation for all to sing along on some of the songs. Students share personal reflections on one or more of the theme sections.

Faculty advisor: Tig Intagliata
Phone: x3219
Email: intagliatas@bluffton.edu