Hall chaplain requirements

  • Be at least a sophomore in college.
  • Active involvement in campus ministries at Bluffton
  • Show evidence of a committed Christian lifestyle
  • Have a willingness to be discipled and a desire to disciple others in the Christian life.



  • Maintain a consistent and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ and through the regular practice of spiritual disciplines.
  • Serve as a healthy Christian model in the residence hall.
  • Be available to fellow students to disciple them and provide peer spiritual counseling.
  • Publicize various campus ministry events and activities to residents in your hall.
  • Work particularly closely with first year students to support them in their spiritual life and connect them with spiritual growth opportunities on our campus.
  • Give leadership (either individually or with other hall chaplains) to a weekly Bible study or other activity of a spiritual nature for those who may be interested in your hall or on campus.
  • Assist periodically with chapel and other special services and encourage other students in the hall to participate. Attendance at chapel and these special services is expected.
  • Build relationships with as many students as possible on the floor in order to be a more effective witness and support to them.
  • Work closely with the campus pastors and pastoral assistants in meeting the pastoral needs of particular students.
  • Be actively involved in residence hall activities.
  • Serve as a resource and encouragement to the residence hall staff.
  • Participate fully as a member of the student leadership development program (LDP).



  • The hall chaplain will be supervised by and report directly to the campus pastor. The pastoral assistants also provide peer supervision and support.
  • The hall chaplains meet bi-weekly with the hall chaplain team, and also meet on alternate weeks with a small group led by their pastoral assistant. In these meetings the team will share concerns, participate in on-going training, plan activities and services, pray and worship together.
  • Each hall chaplain will meet individually for a 1/1 with the campus pastor or pastoral assistant on a monthly basis to check in about life and ministry.

Work-Study Arrangements:

  • The position will involve the equivalent of a four hour-a-week campus job. You are also allowed to have other campus jobs in addition to the hall chaplain position.
  • Residence hall chaplains will go through an application process established by the campus pastor.